formal letter

Dear editor:

I have to ask you a favor, I have a new factory of windows and our transactions are decreasing that means that i´am losing money. I know that you work editing in an important newspaper so if you can publish some projects of us. I know that we have to pay for do this but “I don´t have to much money in the pocket”. As i say we are losing money because no one wants to contract us. I losing workers, I have to change the school of my kids because of money. I can´t pay you to much for that important space in the newspaper, it dosen´t matter if it in the last page or in the first page we need to increase our transactions. If you need money we can give you some windows.

Another thing that i want to tell you, as you are an authority, you have some contacts if you can say to other persons to not to close the old hospital, because, a lot of people will lose their jobs and the persons that dosen´t have to much money for a private clinic, the hospital is the only medical center that they have.

please consered me and this two thing that me and all the people who need this, I will be very appresiated.                                                               That all I will be waiting for your answer or just publish that and be looking to the newspaper and go to help to the hospital to be opened. bye, Ignacio Berrios.


Informal Letter

March 23rd, 2015

Dear Jose:

Hi Jose, how you going? I want to tell you about the final mach I have yesterday.
My team is a very good team, we work all the week for this mach
At the first time of the mach we were losing but second time we got 5 goals!
And we won the finals and won a cup that is in the club.

Hey, how in your father and your mother, I see in the news that in Miami were a whirlwind are all you ok?
How is going school there? Our friend Andrés tell me that you two are in basketball team, I have to go and see a Mach.
I have to study a lot this week, I have 4 test, English, math, science, music.
Always I have to read a book.
Maybe in March of next year me and my family can go to United States and to see you and your family.

See you later.
Ignacio Berrios

PS: say to your mom that I love cookies she send me.


Diary entry: I’am a vampire

Dear diary:

Last week I had almost killed by a person. He almost nail me a stake thought the heart. I dodged him, and I bit him in the neck. That’s was my lunch of that day. Yesterday walking in the forest, I remember my family.
I was very sad because I’m alone now. So I decided to have a new friend.
Next week I will look for my new best friend.

I was thinking about became more human… But when I think there not much vampire’s in the world so I came thinking like a vampire and I bit persons. I remember when my mother die and I was bitten by a vampire that vampire take care of me as a dad. I now I write many time of this but I like that memory’s. Sometime I will like to see a sunset I hate that vampires can’t see the sunlight.(154 word’s)